I do offer Information Security services for companies and organizations. depending on the scope of the project I can work alone or with a team of my colleagues. below is a list of the services:

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

Vulnerability assessment is the process of finding the weak spots in your organization where attackers try to exploit it. I will help you to find these vulnerabilities, understand, prioritize and remediate them accordingly so you can continue doing your business in a safe environment.

Penetration testing is taking the vulnerability assessment to extra mile and exploit the vulnerabilities to gain access in the organization using different techniques that shows how attackers can harm the organization.

this service is tailor-made according to client needs, I can help the client to have a better view of the security posture in his organization.

Security Code Review

Security Code Review is the process of reviewing and analyzing the source code of a specific application. I can help my clients in this lengthy process to discover any bad programming practice or bugs that leads to security flaws, test the application after that to validate the resolution.

Security Awareness and Training

Individuals are the weakest link in the organization’s security. I can help my clients to create awareness session about general information security.  moreover I can prepare a special training for more technical aspects to shows how attacks happen and what mitigation should be implemented.

Information Security Consultation

Information Security focus on protecting the CIA triad. I help my clients to maintain excellent security posture with efficient cost by discussing different Information security solutions that is tailor to their business needs.