OSWE Review

Hi ! Intro back in 2017 while scrolling the twitter feed I stumbled upon a tweet by mr_me announcing about the availability of AWAE course in next 2018 BlackHast Asia. honestly I was not planning to take the course any soon, it’s definitely in my agenda but not that soon since I was already doing […]

OSCE Review

Hi There, Ever since passing the OSCP exam I was thinking of taking the CTP course However, it was not a priority at that time since I have to focus on web stuffs. But In the last few months I had a free time to do. as usual to register the course you have to […]

eWPTX Review

Hello There, In this post I will talk about my experience with eWPTX certificate. I did register for this course since I was looking for advanced training in Web Hacking, eWPTX was the best option out there after reading the syllabus. Registration went smoothly, there is no waiting queue like OSCP. pay and start the […]

OSCP Review

Intro: I have been developing Software for years, However had a great chance to switch my career path to be in security field recently and that’s why I started looking for trainings to gain more skills. Security for a software developer is writing a good code, running scanners, setting firewall, etc. but there is still […]