Hi There,

Ever since passing the OSCP exam I was thinking of taking the CTP course However, it was not a priority at that time since I have to focus on web stuffs. But In the last few months I had a free time to do.

as usual to register the course you have to solve the challenge at http://www.fc4.me/ I was able to solve the first part easily however the second part was a reality check for me, since I did not read/write *value* for years and I don’t do reverse stuffs on daily basis.

I went a head and start preparing for the course following tulpa guide https://tulpa-security.com/2017/07/18/288/ which was excellent. at the same time I did practice VulnServer extensively, it’s really a good piece of code to practice and understand different scenarios.

after 2 months of preparing and practicing I felt ready and register for the course. the course contents is small but specific and expect the student to be familiar with the terms used in the course materials. I did finish reading the materials quickly and start solving the lab boxes. the course is outdated really however the concepts represented is fundamental and you can apply it to modern systems with a little different.

I booked for the exam after finishing the 1 month lab time. I can’t say a much about the exam except that you are expected to research during the exam and try different tricks to get the results. the 48 hours is enough to solve the exam if you manage the time properly and understand the exam objectives clearly.

In the end I did enjoy doing the course although I don’t do reverse engineering daily. but the course do fill a big space in understanding how certain and important types of attacks do happen.